Devon Energy Center

Devon is proud to share its addition to the Oklahoma City skyline with the community. The 50-story tower within the Devon Energy Center serves as the office home to the company’s more than 2,000 employees and contractors, and the ground floor of the building is open to the public.

Devon had a clear vision for this building: While the space would primarily serve as the company's headquarters for its oil and natural gas operations, the building would also be a welcoming place for the community. As a result, the building features two dining options, a coffee shop, a park area and seasonal events for the public to enjoy.

To visit and learn more about the Devon Energy Center, please see the information below and schedule a free tour. Guided tours of the Devon Energy Center are free and consist of a quarter-mile walk around the center and an elevator ride to the top of Devon Tower.

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Tours at the Devon Energy Center are very popular and often booked weeks and even months out. Please plan ahead for your tour today.

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DEC Tour Info

Devon Energy Center tours are given most Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. The tour lasts about 90 minutes and consists of a quarter-mile walk around the center and an elevator ride to the top of Devon Tower, 50 stories above Oklahoma City. Tours must be booked online; walk-up tours are not permitted.

Book Your Tour Group Today

Tours at the Devon Energy Center are very popular and often booked weeks and months out. Please plan ahead for your tour today.

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Devon Energy Center Tour Rules

Tour participants must follow these rules and all other rules given during the tour by the tour docent or by Devon security personnel.

Tour participants must stay with the tour group.

Tour participants must behave in an orderly and appropriate manner. Anyone behaving in an inappropriate or disorderly fashion or who appears to be intoxicated will be required to leave Devon property immediately.

Tour participants agree that they will participate in the tour at their own risk. Devon will in no way be liable to a participant and each participant releases Devon from liability for any injury to anyone associated with the participant’s activities or damage to or loss of its property or other property in its possession resulting from participant’s presence in Devon Energy Center.

  • Photo / Video
  • Children
  • Devon Business Space
  • Smoke-free/Tobacco-free Environment
  • Firearms, Explosives, and Weapons
  • Animals
  • Personal Property
  • Devon's Right to Refuse Access and Search Items
  • Cancellations
  • Check-In
  • Parking

Photography and Videography

For the enjoyment of all tour participants and to keep the tour on time, videotaping of any kind during the tours is not allowed. Photographs should only be taken during the times designated by Devon's tour docents.

Commercial photography and videography equipment is prohibited.

Taking photographs of Devon's security equipment, badge readers, turnstiles, and the like is prohibited. Devon also requests that photographs of Devon employees during their business hours not be taken.


While all ages are welcome, we recommend that children be at least five years old.

For the enjoyment of all tour participants, parents are asked to ensure their children stay with the tour group and are not disruptive.

Devon Business Space

Many areas within Devon Energy Center, including all office spaces, are not open to the public. Tour participants are prohibited from attempting to access secured areas within Devon Energy Center.

Smoke-free/Tobacco-free Environment

All forms of smoking, including electronic cigarettes and similar devices, and the use of tobacco are prohibited throughout Devon Energy Center, including the Devon Energy Center Garage and Devon Park.

Firearms, Explosives, and Weapons

Firearms, guns, explosives, and any other weapon are prohibited except as precluded by Oklahoma law.


Service animals are welcome at Devon Energy Center, but pets are not allowed in the building.

Personal Property brought into Devon Energy Center and the Devon Garage

Devon is not responsible for any loss or damage to or for the safe-keeping of any personal property brought into Devon Energy Center or left in your car.

Devon's Right to Refuse Access and Search Items

Devon has the right to refuse access to Devon Energy Center to anyone in Devon's sole discretion. Devon also has the right to search all items brought into Devon Energy Center, including personal handbags, diaper bags, backpacks, etc.


Devon reserves the right to cancel any tour if circumstances warrant cancellation. In that event, Devon will attempt to notify the tour group leader. Devon also reserves the right to change the tour route without notification to accommodate business operations. Tour groups that need to cancel their tour should do so at least three business days in advance of their scheduled tours by calling 405.228.2400.


Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled tour. Tour guests are required to check in on the second floor of the Devon Energy Center Rotunda. Upon entering the Rotunda, take the escalators to the second floor and check in at the desk located on the Rotunda’s west side. Guests over 18 years of age must be prepared to show ID.


Visitor parking is available at the northeast entrance of the parking garage on the first floor, located just north of the building at 101 North Harvey. A parking garage attendant will greet you and ask for your name before granting access.

Drive slowly and pay attention at all times. Obey all directional signs. The speed limit in the Garage is five miles per hour.

Do not park in parking spaces designated for Devon pool cars or security team members.

Devon is not responsible for damage to cars caused by accidents, other parkers, fire, or other damage to the Garage, or otherwise.



Media Gallery

The Devon Energy Center was built using superior materials, such as wood from sustainable forests, energy efficient fixtures, and exotic marble and stone. Click the thumbnails below for a peek into the complex.

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North Entrance

North Side Entrance

Devon Lobby

Rotunda Lobby

Entryway to the Tower

Garden Wing

Garden Wing

West Center

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Tower Drum

Base of the Tower

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Christmas Decorations

Video of Installation

Christmas at DEC

Tower Construction

Construction 2010

Devon Park

Devon Park

South Lawn

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Devon Auditorium

Events Center for Devon

Outdoor Seating

Outdoor Seating at Devon Park

Devon Park

Time-lapse and History

Time-lapse Construction

DEC Construction

DEC at Dusk

DEC at dusk

Oklahoma City Skyline

Tower as seen from the Rotunda

Tower from Rotunda

Looking through oculus

Rotunda Stairs

Rotunda Stairs

Lobby of the DEC

Elevator Bank

Tower Floors

Elevator Bank

Devon Moat

Garden Wing

Meeting Space


Construction View

View of Myriad Gardens

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